The Art Catalog Sauvage is done

the exhibition catalog Sauvage is now  available, it will be sold  in the Jagdschloss Museum Kranichstein and in the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt for 25 euros.


10 of them contain  a special  embroidery on Print, numeroted 1 to 10 and signed.




Exhibition Sauvage! Some works

The dark side of the butterfly Still- Life , embroidery made with : Thorns roses, garnet, pyrite, mountain Crystals, glas beads, lurex thread, butterflies (Urania ripheus, Morpho menelaus, Graphium melon), scarabeus, on satin dress, dressmakers dummy, 2018


Papillon de nuit 1

Papillon de nuit 1

Broderie paillettes sur tulle (vintage-ornements d’épaules),boulon,chaîne, pattes d’oiseaux sauvages préparées, pince métal pour cheveux, agathe.

Augustine ornementale (“Cry baby …cry baby”)

Augustine ornementale: reworked patterns from the Charcot’s hysteria iconography

(Salpêtrière Hospital-Paris)



augustinepochette2Squared silkscreened silk

augustinesoie grise1


Embroidery : glass beads, pearls, various cotton and metal threads

on silk-screened printed silk.