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IMG_2197IMG_2258Free hand-embroidery (needlework) just a lot of sequins and colors made for a made to measure jacket (Bespoke Woman by Valeria Piskounova), embroidery: design Merceriesauvage.

Still-life embroidery

Still-life embroidery (autumn leaves)

Autumn leaves : embroidery in progress 2

Autumn leaves : embroidery in progress 1




Feathers (vintage-plumassier Paris- thank Magali), mountain crystal stones, labradorite stones, pyrite stones, czech glass spikes and glass beads, silk (vintage).

Virgin in the wind (real life)

Virgin in the wind (bridal-work in progress)

Virgin in the wind (bridal- sample in progress)

“Orfeo’s bad trip”/ collar


Embroidery (Glass beads, pyrite stones) on fabric scraps (from Ralph and Russo couture fall 2015)

Inspiration : Botany on the Balcony

Embroidery : “The Death of the Butterfly”(Sample III)


Embroidery sample, version n°3 “The Death of the Butterfly”,

Origami, black spinel stones, sewed on gray satin rope.





Embroidery: “The Death of the Butterfly”(Sample II)

Embroidery :”The Death of the Butterfly” (Sample 1)

Finery “very classical Bia”



Ribbons scraps, brass chains and brass rings, pyrite stones.

Embroidery : ” Very classical Bia “

bia very classic2

Embroidery made with black glass beads, pyrite stones, black spinel stones, on 3 different ribbons scraps, black silk lining.

bia very classic3

Example of use : Necklace:

Bia very classic

Bia crudela : dress (embroidery in progress)

biacrudela dress2

Embroidery on silk vintage dress (made in korea), I found this silk dress in the second hand shop “Pick & Weight” in Berlin Mitte.

The embroidery is made with labradorite and pyrite stones, seed beads and roses prickles.

bia crudela dress1


Finery : Bia Crudela

Limited collection of hand-made finery, made with embroidered pyrite stones and thorns on vintage leather.

finery2014 2015 Bia 0

finery2014 2015 Bia 1

finery2014 2015 Bia 2

finery2014 2015 Bia 3

finery2014-2015 Bia 4 

Embroidered drawing : Vergissmeinnicht #2 / Forget-me-not #2



Vergissmeinnicht#2 Hair embroidery on paper 21×29,7 cm April 2014



Collection “Cria Cocottes” : broches, épingles à chapeaux/broach, hatpin

Few memories of  sequences from “Cria Cuervos” (Film : Carlos Saura)


Prepared wing (wild duck) brass.



Chickenbones, synthetic coral, silver 925



Wild bird’s claw, metal pin, agate stone, silver 925


papillon de nuit 2

Papillon de nuit 1

Broderie paillettes sur tulle (vintage-ornements d’épaules),boulon,chaîne, pattes d’oiseaux sauvages préparées, pince métal pour cheveux, agathe.

Augustine ornementale (“Cry baby …cry baby”)

Augustine ornementale: reworked patterns from the Charcot’s hysteria iconography

(Salpêtrière Hospital-Paris)



augustinepochette2Squared silkscreened silk

augustinesoie grise1


Embroidery : glass beads, pearls, various cotton and metal threads

on silk-screened printed silk.

Augustine ornemental (prototype on paper)


Embroidery on paper

Exercice/practice: Activity of disquiet 2, work in progress

Embroidery on silk, glass beads, cultured pearl beads, fish scales.

Augustine ornemental (in progress) pearls embroidery on silk

Cyanotype on silkfabric – Berliner Blues- after preliminaries under the sun.



Cyanotype / preliminaries (berliner blues)




Exercice/practice : Activity of disquiet 2, work (without)progress


Exercice/practice : Activity of disquiet 2, work in progress

Fineries for women /5 : Still life shoulders

Wild duck wing, black velvet. grey satin cord, Onyx, brass,

ornemental steel nails, silver 925 brooch, 2012

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