The impossible image and the space of its narrative

December 2021

What is hidden behind an image? What story is buried in the texture of the painting? These questions can be those of the viewer hypnotized by the artwork that is looking at him.

This essential experience of being drawn into the space of the image is at the base of my artistic practice. I remove images from their pictorial frame, literally pulling the threads of the canvas to unroll a story. My yarn intertwines personal mythologies, art history, and cultural representations, where the process of creation itself and the conditions of emergence of an image are the main threads.

The use of thread and needle is preponderant in my work. Embroidery depends on the knot. Knotting and unknotting refers to the archetypal gesture of Penelope, weaver of the narrative and iconoclast in one person.

My media are installations inhabited by tableaux vivants,photographs, and perforated or embroidered drawings. I create objects, tools, and costumes that are used in the creative process. Words and stylistic elements such as Oxymorons, ellipses, and repetitions provide scripts. I experiment with exhausting the image through the enlargement of a digital cross-stitch grid, thereby enabling a palimpsest narrative to emerge.

My muses, materials, and repertoire of techniques stem from art history and from the remembered transmission of gestures that generations of embroiderers have offered me.Thorns, gems and pearls, butterflies, bones and textile patterns are combined with embroidering, sewing, and stitching.