Trans-Europa Büro/ Hotel is a project I developed from 2004 until 2009. It came from the dream of a permanent travel with trains through the European continent without any borders.

I created a poetic and artistic structure (a big bag, also called the “migrants bag” ) that collects a real and dreamed topography of the European culture. It was a mobile container, which tells the story -in process- of the popular, artistic, and everyday culture of life in Europe and, their points of meeting, and also points of melting.

I Installed the Trans-Europa Büro/Hotel in different European cities (Paris, Belfort, Berlin, Zagreb, Leipzig ) from 2004 to 2009.

As part of the project I proposed embroidery kits with various maps of Europe. Those embroidery kits were a starting point to communicate with people beyond language barriers.

Because handcrafts do not know language barriers! Embroidering or knitting are universal simple ways to communicate, to exchange experiences and memories. It is easy to learn to use a thread in a few steps and to create something together, without any specific artistic knowledge, without to be an expert. Craft is a humble and reassuring language