I did a lot of walking in this new country, but as yet I had no memories from it. It takes years and years to built and collect new memories. After a while the streets begin to talk back to you and you are not a stranger any longer. But it takes years.

Jonas Mekas, (interview by Scott MacDonald, October n°29, 1984.)

Embroidery on clothing labels sewn together, 20cmx30cm, 2006 Berlin

“Trans-europa-büro/ hotel” was a project I developed from 2004 until 2009. it came from the dream of a permanent travel with the train through the European continent without borders. I created a « poetic and artistic structure » ( a big bag, also called the “migrants bag” ) that collects a real and dreamed topography of the European culture. It was a mobile container, which tells the story -in process- of the popular, artistic, and everyday life culture in Europe and, their points of meeting, and also points of melting.

I Installed the “büro/hotel” in differents European cities (Paris, Belfort, Berlin, Zagreb, Leipzig ) until 2009.

I proposed embroidery kits with various maps of the Europe, those embroidery kits were a starting point to communicate beyond language barriers.

Working with the hands has no langage borders! Workings with threads is a simple way to transmite and exchange experiences, memories and to communicate. It is easy to learn and to do something , without art knowledge, without to be an expert. It’s a humble and reassuring language.

PDF of the Trans-Europa-Büro Project description here

Trans-Europa Büro in Zagreb, 2006

Edition of Postcard “Borders”, 2006 For the Trans-Europa-Büro installation in Belfort Theater, 2007.