The Bad Mood Boards…N°1

Since 4 months I started to make mood boards, very bad mood boards.

I create a bad mood board every new moon, because I don’t like to start on the first of the month, I could see that I was always behind on my work, my ideas, which is depressing. So I thought that maybe following the new moon to start my work could offer more flexibility…Here is the very first bad mood board made with my collections of exhibition and magazine images, in bulk there are images from Tarkovsky’s films, mourning art objects, a black aluminium sheet…I complete it with its associated colour palette and a work by Odilon Redon.

Notes pour greffe 2/Notes for transplant 2

Structure en métal et aile de canard sauvage,metal structure and wild duck wing,

35cm x 16cm,  2010

Image from Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery, J-M Bourgery, N-H Jacob,

J-M Le Minor (editor), Taschen, 2008.

Belle de nuit

Belle de nuit (Beauty of the night), bois de chevreuil, tube laiton, câble électrique/

antler deer, brass pipe, electrical cable, 80cm long.

dé à coudre doré à la feuille d’or 3x2x2 cm, édition de 7/golden thimble, edition of 7.

dessin, encre, calque, fils à brodé/drawing, ink,tracing paper, embroidery threads, 18x14cm.


Aiguilles pour dessins perforés (os, argent, laiton, coton, pierre de carnéol)

Needles for perforated drawings (bones, silver, brass, cotton, carneol stone)

Écheveau de cheveux à broder / hank of hairs for embroidery