Notes & Sketches for The D-Ring Project, Muses in the City

Tears in the City: Rebuilding, Repetition, Introspection.

The stich, the stich, the stich. Extended time.

I filmed at the embroidery’s backside when I was embroidering my collage with the Lunéville ‘s hook. The invisible hook in a perpetual motion, perforating the paper. The hook and this repetitive sound of the stich.

Notes pour greffe 2/Notes for transplant 2

Structure en métal et aile de canard sauvage,metal structure and wild duck wing,

35cm x 16cm,  2010

Image from Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery, J-M Bourgery, N-H Jacob,

J-M Le Minor (editor), Taschen, 2008.

dé à coudre doré à la feuille d’or 3x2x2 cm, édition de 7/golden thimble, edition of 7.

dessin, encre, calque, fils à brodé/drawing, ink,tracing paper, embroidery threads, 18x14cm.