This textile Still life is the newest I created , and maybe the last one in this form.

It is made with bird’s wings found on the flea market and a vintage men jacket, it is composed of a branch of rose embroidered with glass beads ans cotton threads , scraps from glitter fabric and plastic, pieces of ribbons .

Yes it is probably the last one, the last still life . I want to extend the embroidery and the sewing techniques on a larger scale.

I may build bigger and larger textil still life for a wall or for a room, or the the city (like the D-Ring the Muses in the city project) by using bigger embroidery tools ( I have to build it ) and threads.

Anyway , I want to share images of The Messenger creation process.

I am fascinated and intrigued by the ex-voto as well as the Sacred Hearts from the 18th and 19th Century. Some use very complex craft techniques like embroidery made with hairs or beautiful bead embroidery mixed with delicate goldsmith work. I built The Messenger by remembering all that.

Belle de nuit

Belle de nuit (Beauty of the night), bois de chevreuil, tube laiton, câble électrique/

antler deer, brass pipe, electrical cable, 80cm long.

dé à coudre doré à la feuille d’or 3x2x2 cm, édition de 7/golden thimble, edition of 7.

dessin, encre, calque, fils à brodé/drawing, ink,tracing paper, embroidery threads, 18x14cm.


Aiguilles pour dessins perforés (os, argent, laiton, coton, pierre de carnéol)

Needles for perforated drawings (bones, silver, brass, cotton, carneol stone)

Écheveau de cheveux à broder / hank of hairs for embroidery